Life Design & Goal setting

That confusion can be turned into clarity in just 5 days

Only 2% people actually have well written goals on paper. 

Research from Harvard says that only the people with specifically defined goals achieved what they wanted.

  • Feeling confused about Career choices?

  • Life does not feel exciting anymore?

  • Living an unplanned life?


If you answered yes to either of those questions, or if you've never written down your goals, this workshop is made for you.

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Are you?

A Student, Entrepreneur, Professional, Business Owner who is seeking to achieve a next level in Life?

Setting Goals for Life?

It’s a common problem that no one seems to want to talk about.


Everyone wants to pretend they have everything figured out. No one does, usually the people working hard to give that impression often have the least figured out.

There’s only a few reasons why someone will not hit a goal that they set:

  • They either quit way too soon because they didn’t see instant results so they assumed it wasn’t working.

  • They don’t have a plan how to actually achieve the goal, and are too reluctant to invest in themselves by hiring someone who’s good at it to help.

  • Or they don’t really want the goal deep down. A lot of people think they do, but if they sat down with someone who understands how to ask the right questions many people would quickly find out they don’t actually want what they’ve been telling themselves they wanted.


If you don’t actually want the goal, you’re not going to follow through on it. Now, I don’t mean like kind of want it. Everyone would take an extra $9000/month, but if the goal you set doesn’t change your life at all in a way that’s meaningful to you, it’s unlikely to really motivate you to push through.

Do you want to know how to define Goals that you actually follow through?

Glass Buildings

Sourabh Goyal

Head of Training & Mentorship - Startup India Foundation

Founder - Goalchy Club Community

Associate Partner - Growth Media.AI

What will you get?

  • Life Design and Goal Setting

  • Clarity of Thoughts and Actions

  • How to shift Focus to Life and not just Career

  • A structure that has helped 100s of people overcome their challenges of Goal setting

  • Become a part of our Community



Niyatii Shah

"Sourabh is not someone who teaches Goal Setting. He is the One who Empowers you to Set Your Goal and Achieve. He is consistent in his work and goes beyond his promises to ensure that his client receives the best from him. What I received from his workshop is Clarity and Answers to my How. If you want to know what it is to be unstoppable, meet Sourabh Goyal" 


Vibha Soni

In December, I did this workshop that cleared my doubts. I found things that I was missing to achieve my dreams. Sourabh is doing a great job through the LifeDesign and Goalchy university. If you have missed something in your life or unable to answer your own questions, then met him, attend the workshop, and see amazing results.


Dr. Saumya Badgayan

Have you ever come across someone so young yet who has the aura to captivate you with immense knowledge yet with so much of humility? Well that is exactly what Sourabh is. Very keen to know the complexities of business and the way it consumes the lives of people. Sourabh’s talents defy his age and you will see a fusion of energy and wisdom all coming to you as a breath of fresh air. 

How it works?

This coaching is designed to help you think on certain questions to find out what you seek deep inside your heart and want to create for yourself, your family and Society.

  • Day 1 Why Life design is so important and why is it important for you to write things on paper ?

  • Day 2 - Design Framework of life and goals from you

  • Day 3 - We will refine your goals step by steps and making them more specific and categorized.

  • Day 4 - Connecting back to the roots: We will take a deep dive into your childhood and your family structure to find out what all you
    want to create for them.

  • Day 5 - We will help you understand one of the most powerful concept and mindset that achievers have and this a one of the most important secret that you can learn to achieve your goals.

  • Day 6 - You will learn one of the universal laws _ LAW OF VACUUM, and this law of physics works in human life everyday.

  • Day 7 - New Journey Of Life Begins with your Life Design Blueprint!

After these 7 days we continue to learn and grow to build the foundation of a life you want to have through THE GOALCHY CLUB community.

Not sure about it?

Have questions?

Talk to me and see if this is right for you!

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